1. A place for ideaposts. Idea posts are for things I’d like to do or see someone else do. Email me or reblog if it makes you think of something related, or already done, or that you’re about to do with me.

2. A concoction of things that I like and a few things that I make. I'm especially into anything that helps me imagine ways to connect youth from different cultures in artistic, ridiculous, hilarious, serious exchanges.

3. Inspired by students & teachers I've worked with through projects like these: Inside/Out: Multimedia exchange between students in California and China. The Small World Project: Ongoing workshop series of online youth collaborations piloted in Hong Kong.

Some of my stuff: Videos on vimeo. Images on flickr.

Always eager to say hi back, allegro at gmail.
Feb 14

plus this, plus this.

letter 27 [withheld]
charles olson

it is happening here, here in a place where so little equals so much.